Elevate Your Team's Mindfulness.

Increase your company's performance.

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On-Demand Access to Yoga & Meditation Instructors.

 Live From Virtually Anywhere.

Your Ambitious Employees. Our Experienced Professionals.

  • We offer a corporate wellness program designed by health professionals for high performing teams like yours.

Choose from over 500 Personalized Wellness Sessions.

  • Our wide variety of programs focused on personal and professional development aim to boost mindfulness and relaxation, creating an overall happier workplace. 

30 - 60 Minute Sessions. Lifelong benefits.

Less malaise & better workdays. 

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    Match on What Matters

    Kozen partners your team with wellness professionals that match your culture and company goals. 

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    Authentic Engagement

    Foster genuine employee engagement with health benefits that help your team shine their brightest. 

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    Beat the Workday Blues

    Fewer sick days guaranteed, even when working from home.

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    Science Backed Benefits

    Research-based wellness practices proven to enhance your company's performance. 

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    The Key to Performance

    Exceed expectations with killer KPI's all thanks to Kozen's wellness sessions. 

Frequency Raising Features.

  • Highly Skilled Professionals

    Our community of Pro instructors is expertly vetted to give you the best experience possible. 

  • Easy Access

    Book sessions up to an hour in advance*

  • Experience More

    Our Pro's constantly develop new sessions to ensure we keep things fresh.

  • Specialized Care

    We go the extra mile in customer service even without our running shoes. 

Praise From Our Trusted Community.

  • Kozen is an experience like no other. It's clear that human connection coupleled with the goal of clarity and mindfullness is something that everyone can use.

    Rodney Gainous, Co-founder & CEO @Safe
  • Ever since I started meditating with Kozen my life has been better. I Start my day with a much more clear mind and I've been having better nights sleep.

    D'andre Ealy, Product
  • Getting on-demand meditation from a trusted coach has helped me focus more and regulate how I feel from day-to-day. Having a community of people and coaches that are on the same journey as me for mental fitness keeps me going! Kozen helps me be a better me.

    Jordan Jackson, Founder, CEO @Blackmenbookclub

Built by professionals of all backgrounds

Keep Your Mind Full.

Take control of your wellness journey with real stories and experiences from the Kozen community. 

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