Certified Wellness Professionals Right At Your Team’s Fingertips.

Online or in-person, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Working Wellness Wonders.

Our Wellness Pros offer sessions in the following:

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    mental wellness pro

    Unleash the mother of mindfulness in this awareness evoking session.

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    physical wellness pro

    Set personal fitness goals by assessing your current mental and physical state.

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    social wellness pro

    Improve your relationships and how you interact with others.

  • Asset 18@3x
    financial wellness pro

    Learn how to allocate funds more properly and spend paychecks more wisely.

  • Asset 19@3x
    performance wellness pro

    Learn effective employee action planning and further your employees' professional development.

  • Asset 20@3x
    nutrition wellness pro

    Master the art of healthy eating and learn the power of superfoods.

Find Peace. At Your Own Pace.

Our Pros focus on guiding each team member individually making the experience personal allowing members to learn at their own pace.

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Persistence Pays Off.

Gain insights and discover how consistent wellness practice improves your team’s overall performance.

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Kozen Means You Care.

Continued wellness practice = outstanding outcomes

  • 4x less likely

    To suffer from stress and burnout. 

  • 10x more likely

    To recommend
    the company as an amazing
    place to work.

  • 7x more likely

    To feel included
    at work.

The Full Solution

We service every side of the business with ease.

No third parties needed.

  • Our Platform

    Give your team access to online and in-person wellness experiences ranging from meditation to financial assistance.

  • Our Pros

    Our highly skilled and vetted team of wellness professionals are at your service. Book sessions based on you and your team’s personal schedules.

  • Your Team

    Improve your team’s overall performance with Kozen and see what wellness professionals fit your team's need the best.

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